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  • Srckode Inc
  • Consulting & Innovating, Research & Design, Software Development, Hardware & System Integration, Emerging Technologies, Accellerating & Financing
  • Vancouver, Canada | Toronto, Canada | Trivandrum, India
  • +50 years of collective technology experience
  • +70% of senior system designers & developers


Bring to you the best emerging technology consulting and development expertise and professional practices to a shore near you, with our agile consulting, development and disruptive technology domain knowledge we exceed our customers expectations and offer an array of accelerating and incubating investments, technology know-how and programes to support entrepreneurs to succeed start-up businesses, which make us stand out from the rest.

Rahul R.

Principal - Software Development & Product Management
With a computer science degree, Rahul has over a decade of success identifying, qualifying, building, implementing & driving technologies that promote consistent growth & optimal utilization of emerging technologies.Over 12 years, Rahul has founded and helped 6 successful startups in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kindom, India.

Jayme W.    

Jayme is an inspiring entrepreneur and start-up founder. She is determined to refresh outdated methods and create universal products with innovation and community at their core. Over 5 years, Jayme has been dedicating to build up a number of startups.

Anil A.                 

Anil is an experienced entrepreneur, developer, and electronics & communication engineer. Anil has been driven by one basic goal; to build technology and be committed to trust and values within the company.Anil has developed and deployed over 46 projects successfully in Japan, China, India and Canada

John C.

Senior Software
& Systems Architect

Holds a bachelor degree in heating energy and a master degree in engineering with specialty in aircraft fly dynamics from Northwestern Polytechnic University (China). He has over 3 year experience in aviation research and manufacturing industry as an aircraft designer and testing engineer, and over 20 year experience as senior software engineer in retail- and e-banking at a major Chinese bank. John is also certified Senior Engineer (2005), Professional Enterprise Trainer (1998) and Computer Engineer (1997).

Tony Y.

Application Designer
& Project Manager

Graduated from University of British Columbia (UBC)with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Tony has solid knowledge, experiments and skills for hardware and software development and system integrations. He is a team-oriented and organized project manager.

Bert H.

Application Designer
& Project Manager

Bert has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tianjin University of Technology (China) with extensive knowledge and practices in mechanical engineering. He has also been engaged in sales and marketing, and customer acquisition for exports and import businesses. Bert is also an inspiring entrepreneur and has great passion for startups and project implementations.

Doris X.

Startup Analyst
& Project Manager

Doris graduated from University of Victoria with a bachelor degree in Economics, and she has acquired solid knowledge and practices, and proven successful experiences and applications in big data analyses and reports. She is not only a startup entrepreneur, but also energetic and good team player for project management and implementations.

Yutian X.

Research Developer
& Application Tester

A developer, experienced software and application tester. He is an energetic youth man with a lot of passions for startups, hardware and software development, system architecture and designs, and committed to be dedicated to STEM fields. In 2015 he and his four fellows won a championship of VEX Robotics Competition (British Columbia), and was invited to participated in World VEX Robotics Competition (Kentucky, US).
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Our Expertise


With a total team of over 45 professionals and developers in three cities located in Canada and Asia srckode brings along a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise. Below is so you get a gist of it.


Srckode is all about building excellent softwares, designing stable and scalable systems, life-improving products and services so that you can change lives, running by people with decades of experience in the technology realm and backed by investors who are really keen on emerging and life changing technologies. Past major achievements in were delivered to the following industries.

  • Government Sector
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Media & Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Uberization of Industries
  • Real-estate & Property
  • Hospitality & Lifestyle
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality

srckode Labs

At srckode we also invest in people with innovative ideas and market changing products. Our support starts with aspiring entrepreneurs in the proof of concept stage as we help grow and establish the companies. We continue to support startups through different venture growth rounds to succeed and compet in a global scale.. We take a hands-on approach in helping startups not only from R&D, prototyping, product development to commercialization, but also providing strategic resources, verticals, important partnership alliances, and ongoing support.


Its simple.

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srckode's development facilities at multiple locations across the Pacific Ocean, provide for global clients a wide range of near-shore and off shore product development from smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom solution development. We have by far some of the best available teams and partners which ensure deliveries of product. We are an experienced and professional team focusing on our client's technology projects. With a multi-language, our diverse team including engineers, designers, developers and partners work tirelessly to develop products and services that exceed your expectations you can trust.



Full-stack, Full-cycle development starting off with ideation, architecture, all the way to post-delivery market consulting. With near-shore services across North-America and an offshore pricing benefit.


srckode team has spent over a decade in industrial and systems solutions ranging from hardware integrations, industrial automation, equipment control, compliance testing, consolidation of multiple data sources to designing gaming console PCB's for clients.


srckode provides industry focused enterprise mobility solutions from in-house and off the shelf as a solution provider for to the industries of banking, healthcare, retail, gaming, agriculture and transportation in the form of mobile ERP's, SaaS apps, Mobile cloud solutions, Mobile eCommerce and uberization of your business verticals.

Big Data

Our big data services empower startup team and enterprises to develop industry-specific insights and act on them with agile and real-time discovery of data across internal and external sources with emerging big data and business intelligence tools to provide a framework that accelerates the creation of connectors to new information and actionable instructions.


srckode has been developing technology for the gaming industry. Being able to combine software and hardware solutions in order to change the way the market thinks of portable mobile console gaming is something we have garnered expertise over time.



Technology Consulting Services

At srckode we use agile methods to communicate best practices to address the most crucial and intricate software and systems development processes. Our focus is drawn within the technology sector and sharing our expertise that allow for rapid delivery of high-quality market changing products andservices for startups and enterprises.

Near Shore

srckode possesses the ability and capacity to consult for your products, projects, solutions and service in an environment close to your end consumer market. With offices in the east and west coast, strategically placed, no place in North America if more than a few hours away from us.


srckode caters to your need to leverage on multiple teams or your requirement as an advisor to streamline existing processes, products or technology life-cycles. Our consultants come from a background diverse in language and qualifications which make our consulting all the more agile and practical.


The srckode team evolved their RTB and programmatic campaign and inventory management skills right alongside google itself, which has since also been catered to a wide variety of industries with medium to large scale campaign demands.


accelerating entrepreneurs with great ideas

At srckode we invest in people with great and innovative business ideas and market changing products. Our support starts with aspiring entrepreneurs in the proof of concept stage as we help grow and establish the companies. We continually support you through different venture growth rounds,and venture financing by partnering with local investors and venture capital funds to make you successful and compet in global scale We strive a hands-on approach helping not only from R&D, prototyping, product development to commercialization, but also providing strategic resources, verticals, important partnership alliances, and ongoing support.

srckode provides the expertise in helping entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium sized enterprises grow and succeed through allhe start-up stage. We know that startup funding is a big aspect when growing a business and sustaining customers and market share, and we provide all resources and verticals to cater needs of entrepreneurs and startups. We help you with scale up strategies, access to near shore development, manufacturing partners, and customer and market acquisition.

srckode is always looking for new and emerging technology companies to develop and bring your products to market.

  • Hands on support to help you grow your business into the commercial market
  • Refine your companies market problem and solution
  • Co-develop using our near shore partners
  • Project management
  • Access to an extensive partnerships and communities to help grow your network
  • Hands on marketing and go-to-market experts with digital media and PR

We are glad to hear from you, if you have:

  • A start-up or idea with innovation and growth potentials of a global scale
  • Commitment to develop your start-up through all growth phases
  • A life-improving pledge to change technologies and communities both locally and globally

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